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Our most commonly asked questions answered!

Can Boys attend Playtimes, Birthday Parties and other Events?

YES! We have toys, costumes, favors, and even an Xbox with Toy Story! 

Can my baby come to Playtimes/Events? They won’t play.

Children 12 months of age or younger are FREE to attend any Playtime we have. Our facility offers a changing station as well. Children 12 months and younger are not counted in the Birthday Party Guest Count.

My child was sick yesterday, can I bring them to Playtime today?

At MLD, we put safety first. That’s why we do not permit any child who is sick, has been sick within 24 hours, or who shows symptoms of sickness. Coughing, running nose, fever, rashes, or other symptoms must be clear for at least 24 hours. If your child is on an anti-biotic, they may come play after 24 hours of beginning treatment. Please keep sick kids home and take care of them. It’s no fun, so please don’t spread it around.


Do you clean the Costumes and how often?

We maintain a high standard of cleanliness at MLD. After every event, we vacuum, clean every surface, disinfect all of our toys, costumes, tables and surfaces. We prepare the Dollhouse for every event with the utmost attention to prepare a clean and happy environment for all of our guests. We clean the costumes on rotation bi-weekly. 

Who do you hire to play Characters?

We are blessed with an indescribably talented cast who are committed to the characters they portray. Each member takes the love and history of the fairy tales along with the novelties of the modern told versions and bring them to life. They are well trained actors ranging in ages from 15-26. Most characters are written as young adults anywhere from 14 to 20 in the treasured stories we know so well, so who better to play those ages? Our employees strive to be as true to the character as possible from the dress, to the hair, make up, and acting. All of our staff are background checked and have been through character analysis training. They further their education in various ways to keep the characters fresh.

Can my child attend Playtime/Events already in costume?

They absolutely can but we ask you to leave all the dress up accessories at home! We have everything they need to dress-up and pretend here. It also helps to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind! 

May I have a refund?

All of our Events and Playtimes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. All Party Deposits are non-refundable. No credits are able to be issued if cancelled or missed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Does a Party follow a Schedule or is it free play?

We do have a specific Party Schedule for each Party we offer. We do not veer away from the schedule unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Our hostesses are trained for many scenarios and are prepared for any curve ball.
They are the best!

Do I tip?

If you feel that the Character/Team has done a great job, we encourage you to tip them! How much? Whatever you feel moved to give. Playtimes, Events, Traveling Characters and Parties do not include tips in the total. Please note that Parties over $500 will have a 15% tip added to their total balance automatically. You may add more to that ip if you’d like.

Can we remove Present Time from the Party Schedule?

We sure can! We will replace that time with a Story from the Character or Hostess! 

Can we request a specific cast member to play a character?

When booking, you may request a specific person to play a character, but we cannot guarantee that they will be scheduled to make your party due to their personal availability. All of our characters are professional, kind and wonderful! 

Have a question you can’t find here? Please feel free to email us at
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