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Our Traveling Characters Bring Magic to Any Venue!

Our Characters are able to travel within 40 miles of our Kingdom located on 91st between Harvard & Delaware. There is a $25 traveling fee for locations 20 – 40 miles from our Kingdom. Please read our Traveling Character Policies prior to booking your appointment. This agreement must be signed and returned at least 24 hours prior to characters being released to travel. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have at

My Little Dollhouse Traveling Characters Agreement

To ensure that your experience at My Little Dollhouse is magical and memorable, please  fully read, sign, and return the following agreement prior to your party

1. My Little Dollhouse characters are trained professionals who are insured and  background checked.  


2. The character requested at the time of booking is high priority when scheduling; however, there are occasions we are unable to make those accommodations. We ask for a Plan B choice so we may plan accordingly. Character confirmations will be communicated the week of the scheduled party. Characters requested at the time of booking are not guaranteed. Specific cast members are not guaranteed. 


3. For their safety, characters traveling to a residential/private location will arrive with a character escort. Last-minute location changes may not be accommodated.  Please call MLD if you need to change the location of your event at least 48 hours prior to scheduled party. In addition, our employees’ safety is our primary concern. They have been instructed to leave an event or location if they feel unsafe in any way at all.  This is an extreme circumstance; however, if this should happen, no refunds will be given. 


4. The total balance is due  to book traveling characters and is non-refundable. Split payments are accepted for totals over $150 and must be paid at least 24 hours prior to the party.


5. Events may be rescheduled within  48 hours of the event. If rescheduling or cancellation occurs fewer than 48 hours prior to the event, the full price will be charged. 


6. Deposit must be made with a Credit/Debit card in the name of the person booking the event. A Driver’s License and debit/credit card information are required to be on file until the party has concluded and then it is erased from our system. 


7. So as to not interrupt your child’s magical experience, our characters do not handle money. A 15% gratuity will be added to your invoice, unless another amount is specified. This amount is collected on the credit/debit card on file required to book. You will be emailed a receipt. 


8. Our Royal Coordinator will call you a week or so prior to your event to confirm the party date, time, and location, along with any activities you would like for the character to do.  Our characters can read stories, help with gift opening, lead a game, craft, or dance, and be available for pictures. Please have an idea of what you’d like your character to do at the party, so that they can come prepared.  We offer add-on options at additional cost and supply everything needed. You can add these options on at the time of booking. Add-ons are welcome up to 48 hours prior to the party.  


9. There is no limit on how many guests you may have at your party for the traveling character, but we advise if you have a large party, to select the 1-1.5 hour party option, so that all of your guests get a chance to have a magical experience. 


10. Time cannot be added during your event; it must be reserved at least 48 hours prior to the event. 


11. Character(s) will arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your party. If they are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, they will contact you, and when they arrive, your paid time will begin.. 


12. We travel to locations within 45 miles from our venue on 91st and Harvard. A $25 travel fee will be added to locations 20-40 miles away and must be paid prior to party. If weather is unfavorable, we will reschedule with you. We have our customers and employees safety in mind first and foremost. In this event, a refund will not be issued. 


13. If your child or guests are sick or running fever, we will not be able to attend your party. Please let us know as soon as possible, so we can reschedule. Last-minute illnesses happen, and we try to accommodate for that.  If notified in less than 48 hours, we will do our best to reschedule your party at an ideal time. No refunds will be given. 

14. In the event of severe weather, we reserve the right to reschedule your party to another available day and time that works for both parties. 

15. This agreement must be read, signed and returned by you at least 48 hours BEFORE your event so your cast may be released.

16. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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